Numi Tea

Numi is a leading producer of Fair Trade Certified organic teas which are cultivated without the use of chemical fertilizers, herbicides or pesticides. This ensures the quality of the tea, preserves the earth's resources and protects the health of farmers and consumers.

Numi sources its tea from tea gardens where farm workers are paid a minimum fair wage for their labor and are empowered to lift themselves out of poverty by investing in their farms (tea gardens) and communities. At these tea gardens, the worker community votes democratically on how profits are used to invest in education, health, protecting the environment, and developing the business skills necessary to compete in the global marketplace. Some programs include new roads, cooking stoves, mosquito nets, new schools, college scholarships, enhanced maternity benefits, onsite medical staff and life insurance.

Dazhangshan Tea Garden, China
This was China’s first fair trade project, and with more than 4,000 members, remains China’s largest Fair Trade tea cooperative. Fair Trade funds have supported children’s enrollment in high school and university, a school dormitory, library and computer classroom, technical assistance and organic agriculture training programs. Numi teas that are sourced from this garden are Jasmine Green and Breakfast Blend.

Worlee Tea Cooperative, Egypt
This farming cooperative has been producing herbs for more than 40 years, has 80 members and is also certified organic. The cooperative is fair trade certified and uses its funds to invest in schools, sanitation and a bus to transport workers. Numi teas that are sourced from this garden are Moroccan Mint and Chamomile Lemon.

Enshi Tea Garden, China
The Tuija people who live on the land surrounding Enshi in Western China have earned 40% higher wages through Fair Trade Certification since 2006. Fair Trade funds have helped to build new roads, improving access to medical care and, with increased product demand, expansion of their factory. Numi teas that are sourced from this garden are Gunpowder Green and Mate Lemon.

Sewpur Tea Estate, India
Sepur is cooperative consisting of more than 330 workers in Assam, India, and uses its funds to build a new school, provide scholarships, distribute fuel-efficient cooking stoves (chullas) and mosquito nets, build new roads and develop women’s empowerment programs. Numi teas that are sourced from this garden are Aged Earl Grey, Golden Chai and Breakfast Blend.

Chamong Tea Estate, India
Located in the foothills of the Himalayas in Darjeeling, Northern India, Chamong employs more than 500 workers. Fair Trade has helped raise the overall income and standard of living for the local population. Fair Trade funds have provided cows as an additional source of food and income, training and tools for income generation projects and improved maternity benefits. Numi teas that are sourced from this garden are Berry Black and Breakfast Blend.

Putharjhora Tea Garden, India
Putharjhora is located in the mountainous, remote, Northern tip of Jalpaiguri, India, and employs 1055 workers. These workers have elected to use their funds to build elementary and middle schools, provide college scholarships, hire an onsite medical officer and build a healthcare facility. Numi teas that are sourced from this garden are Decaf Ginger Lemon.

Oothu Singampatti Tea Estate, India
Surrounded by the tropical, evergreen mountain forests of Kalakkad and Mundanthuri tiger reserves, in the Nilgiris district of Southern India, this Fair Trade Certified tea estate employs 1623 workers. Fair Trade funds have funded school scholarships, health programs, life insurance, and funeral services. Numi teas that are sourced from this garden are Orange Spice and White Rose.

Northern Cederberg, South Africa (Direct Sourcing)Numi works with small-scale, organic rooibos farmers in the Northern Cederberg mountain range of South Africa. While not fair trade certified, this cooperative farming model enables workers to become shareholders and improve their livelihoods and provides economic benefits to the community and region. Numi teas that are sourced from this garden are Rooibos, Green Rooibos and Honeybush.