Bethlehem Fair Trade Artisans (BFTA) is a not-for-profit Palestinian NGO created in 2009 by local community members and works with the Bethlehem handicraft community, which includes a number of marginalised groups such as refugees, women and the disabled.


BFTA works to bring fair prices and working conditions to every handicraft producer in the West Bank and Bethlehem area and to develop the local craft economy. BFTA works with local independent producers specialising in a range of crafts including:

- olive wood carvings

- embroidery

- mother of perarl

- olive oil soap

- recycled glass

- handmade paper

- handmade jewellery

Recent political turmoil has created significant of obstacles for local artisans. A decrease in tourism, a limited job market, restricted movement and a general lack of access to economic resources have left many local artisans struggling to support their families. Language barriers and increasing competition from foreign manufacturers further intensify these difficulties. Consequently, artisans are frequently exploited and prevented from achieving fair prices for their work in both the domestic and international market place.

BFTA assists artisans in marketing their products locally, online, and overseas. In addition to marketing, the organisation provides artisans with individualised support services including advice and assistance in developing strategies for business growth, product diversification and creating a healthy work environment. 

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