Bugz Workshop


Bugz Workshop provides sustainable employment to over 25 disadvantaged Zulu living in Cape Town, South Africa. Zulu workers move 1,000 miles from Kwa Zulu Natal (the Zulu homeland) to Cape Town in search of employment, mainly in the building industry. Living conditions for Zulu workers are very poor with many living in squatters camps, without sewerage and other basic services.

Following a property downturn, Paul Hunter (an English businessman working in Cape Town) established the Bugz Workshop to provide jobs for unemployed Zulu workers. The workshop designed and developed the beautiful Bugz range of suckers, wobblers and fridge magnets in butterfly, dragonfly and other designs.  Bugz are handmade - the wings are made from wire and coated in an acrylic glaze and the body is crafted from beads.

Working in the Bugz Workshop provides an income for the Zulu to support their families. In addition, profits from the sale of Bugz are invested in further job creation, improved housing, sanitation and healthcare for the workers and their families.

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