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Caribbean Craft was established in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, in 1990. The organisation was founded by young Dutch and Belgian entrepreneurs who wanted to address Haiti’s high unemployment by providing training to artisans, assistance with design and production and support in developing new export markets. In 2006 Caribbean Craft became a Haitian-owned company.

Caribbean Craft’s work has created jobs for hundreds of local artisans, providing income for over 500 families. The company provides fair wages, meals for workers, health and accident insurance, a pension system and interest-free loans. In addition the artisans have gained a sense of dignity and empowerment by becoming wage earners, either independently or as members of artisans’ workshops. Haiti is now a centre of artistic creativity and inventiveness, which is exemplified by the vibrant and colourful designs of the craft items they produce.

Caribbean Craft uses recycled materials in its products, including the highly original and internationally renowned ‘oil drum art’ which is made from recycled steel drums. The steel is cut and hammered into a wide range of shapes and finished with brightly coloured painted designs. Papier mache items are made from empty cement bags and starch made from locally grown, renewable arrowroot.

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