Christian Organization for Relief and Rehabilitation (CORR) was established in 1973 as a women’s nonprofit handicraft marketing trust and exporter of quality handicrafts, affiliated with Caritas Bangladesh. Based in Dhaka, Bangladesh, The Jute Works supports rural women’s artisan workshops across the country and represents more than 4,000 rural women artisans.

The Jute Works
Jute is a strong natural fibre grown in abundance in Bangladesh. It is more environmentally friendly than plastic and, being an annual crop, there is no permanent deforestation from its harvesting. CORR organises and trains poor rural women into a co-operative system to produce traditional products made from jute, including carry bags, baskets and hammocks.


The organization now also supports women’s artisan workshops producing a wide range of textile, ceramic and paper products.

The Jute Works’ objective is to empower rural women through handicraft production, animal husbandry and small job creation projects in order to acheve economic independence. The group supports all women regardless of caste, creed and race by providing job training, developing leadership skills and raising awareness of the needs or rural women. It also builds the capacity of the women’s artisan groups to manage production and finances and utilise democratic practices. Artisan group members share ownership, participate in decision-making and receive the benefits of surplus production. 

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