Maam Samba


The Maam Samba workshop produces clothing and accessories in the Ndem community in the Sahel region of Senegal, which is near Dakar. The workshop is one of 17 workshops that form part of the Ndem NGO. The NGO supports nearly 400 artisans producing a range of handmade products.

The NGO was formed in the early 1990s to foster rural development in an area severly affected by drought, desertification and migration to the cities, leaving mostly women in the rural communities and villages.

The production of handmade goods provides incomes for artisans and their families, and profits raised by the NGO are invested in a range of projects to support and develop the community, including:

- building and supporting rural schools

- health clinics

- reafforestation projects

- small loans for producers (microfinance)

- construction of wells for drinking water and irrigation

- agriculture projects

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