Mayan Hands


Mayan Hands was established 1989 and works with over 150 Maya women weavers in 8 different rural communities in the highlands of Guatemala. The organisation works with weavers to design textiles and products suitable for international sale and markets their products on their behalf. In addition to ensuring the weavers receive a fair wage, Mayan Hands supports weavers and their families through education scholarships and school supplies for weavers’ children, home improvements, small loans to improve and expand their businesses, skills training and personal development.

Click to here to see how Mayan Hands works with Guatemalan women weavers and the impact this has on their lives (30 minute video).  


Textiles are produced using the traditional backstrap loom, which is a painstaking craft with the most experienced weavers producing only one inch (25 mm) of brocaded cloth per hour. However, using this traditional method allows Mayan women to connect with their traditions and culture and to continue work in their community and home where they can work while caring for their children.

Click to here to see how Guatemalan women weave with a backstrap loom.  

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