MESH (Maximising Employment to Serve the Handicapped) works with disabled and leprosy-affected artisans from all over India to market their products, which both provides a livelihood and contributes to their rehabilitation. MESH aims to support artisans to achieve self-sufficiency through full-time work and provides support and assistance through access to retraining, education and health care programs.

MESH works with over 37 producer groups across India representing over 1,000 individual artisans. As well as finding exports markets for their products, MESH supports producer groups and artisans by providing advice, support and assistance with:

- product design

- skill development

- costing and pricing

- sourcing raw materials

- production methods, quality control and environmental protection

- marketing and promotion

Design Studio
With funding from the Swedish Organization for Individual Relief (IM / SOIR), MESH established a design studio to develop products and build product design and development capability. As well as developing new designs by an in-house design team, the studio runs short courses for artisans and provides internships for local artisans to encourage further study in product design and development.

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